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 Oversea Project: Olive Plantation Project and Agricultural Project in India.
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Asia Everest Ltd Is doing Overseas Agriculture Project in India with State Government and Agricultural Universities. Asia Everest Ltd. all ready engage with large area of Olive Plantation Project of Six Million US Dollar in next Three years at S. K. Agricultural University Datiwada at Gujarat State with joint collaboration for 35 years buyback Olive Production. In near future we are establishing First Time Olive Oil, Olive Pickles and Olive Byproducts Processing Plant in India. Olive Plant will be export from Israel and Olive Processing Technology will be Import from USA under Israeli and USA Expertise. Asia Everest Ltd. also working with Agricultural Ministry in Gujarat State India to Providing New Harvesting Technology for Peanut and Cotton at Junagadh, Navsari and Datiwada Agricultural University. Also we introducing Off Season Vegetables with Ordinary Greenhouses, Net Houses & Walking Tunnels and New tropical Fruit Crop Like Apple Variety, Citrus, Mango Early Production Variety in India First Time for benefit of Indian Farmers Community. Seeds and Technology will be import from Israel, USA and International Market.

 Asia Everest Ltd. Offer also Overseas Farmers and Researchers following activities.

Training on sites Training overseas
Exchange of researchers (Gujarat-Israel) Knowledge transference between Farmers and Experts.
 Largest Olive Nursery in Gujarat, India by Israeli Experts and Asia Everest Ltd. Israel.
 Olive tree
For table olive For oil oil
 Extraction oil facility
 Processing plant for table olive
Largest Olive Nursery in SDAU Datiwada at Gujarat. India. Jul 2010.
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